Rally Information Package

We encourage Albertans to print the following information and distribute to parent/community groups, professional groups, faith based organizations, trustees and MLAs across the province. You can also forward the link to this page over email.

Please spread this information far and wide to increase awareness of the issues and encourage as many people as possible to attend the May 14th rally. Thank you for your support!PCE Peaceful Rally info pkg envelope [862723]








We will provide rally signs. These are limited so in order to ensure you have a sign we encourage you to print your own (16×24 is best). Use only these options please:

  1. If schools hide, parents can’t guide!
  2. We have all kids in mind
  3. School is for 12 years but family is forever
  4. How can parents care if we’re left unaware
  5. Encourage relationships, not secrets

Letter from Donna Trimble, PCE Executive Director

Finding Balance & Building Bridges

– Myths vs Fact PCE Bill 10

10 things that every parent should know about the Gender Guidelines and Bill 10 (translated into Amharic, Portugese, Spanish and Chinese)

Policy Paper – Gay Straight Alliances: What Alberta parents should know about Bill 10 (in-depth analysis)

Promotion Materials for May 14th rally:

Rally Poster

Rally Info Flyer – single page version

Rally Info flyer – 2 pages, formatted to print double sided

–  Mini Flyer with address

-Park n’ Ride Poster Edmonton:
Park and Ride for the Edmonton Legislature




PLEASE RSVP to the rally through Facebook.

McDougall Centre (Calgary): Google Map

Displaying PCE Rally Edmonton.jpgAlberta Legislature (Edmonton): Google Map