PCE believes that the freedom of parents to direct the education of their children is more important than the level of government funding, if any, that may follow the parents’ choice.  At the same time, parents can reasonably and rightfully expect that their tax dollars will be available to them when their children are in school, regardless of the educational choices they make.  For many parents and for alternative programs, sufficient funding is often an important enabler of freedom. Funding ensures that socio-economic status is not a barrier for those wishing to attend alternative programs. Funding also allows alternative programs to provide the required support to all students, including students with special needs.

Mark Milke, Ph.D:
Alberta’s Independent Schools: Taxpayers Saved $750 Million

Calgary Herald editorial by Mark Milke, Ph.D:
Private schools foster independent thought – and save money  

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*We thank Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta (AISCA) for allowing us to share their excellent video on funding and independant education. They can be found at www.aisca.ab.ca



Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) is an Alberta-based, non-profit advocacy organization that believes in excellence in education through maximum parental choice.

PCE strongly supports a high-quality public education system in Alberta.  We also believe that parents should have the ability to pursue an alternative method of education for their children if their local public school does not meet their needs or desires.  These alternatives can include publicly funded alternative programs, Catholic schools, private schools, virtual schools, charter schools or home schooling.  Sometimes parents just want the freedom to enrol their child at a public school outside of their local neighbourhood.  We believe that parents are the experts of their own children, and that they should be free to choose the method of schooling that best meets the needs of their families.

Children don’t come one-size-fits-all.  Education shouldn’t either.