Breaking News: Parents Take Action

(March 2017) Children as young as 5 have had access to sexually graphic material in Alberta classrooms for months through the Government funded and recommended Alberta GSA Network, organised by the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS), out of the University of Alberta. Since news broke this site has now stripped 100% of the “community support” links, deemed inappropriate for K-12 students. That is 66 links! How can anyone claim that this entire section of the GSA Network was not intentional?

Where was government oversight in schools? Why has iSMSS been given free access to Alberta children while parents are being circumvented?

We ask the Education Minister:

– Who allowed the ‘community links’ section to be added to the site?
– Will these materials still be offered in private to children?
– Why can children still register their clubs, without any permission from schools or parents, directly with iSMSS’ GSA Network?
– Why do iSMSS and its directors and staff still engage in student, teacher and professional training?
– Why is  iSMSS is still being welcomed to offer in- class programs such as Fyrefly in Schools?
– Why are key directors within  iSMSS some of the loudest proponents for the circumvention of parents in schools?
– Most importantly, is iSMSS influencing the direction of the secretive Alberta curriculum rewrite? Will the themes of these materials be embedded into the future health and sex ed curriculum?

The answers to these questions are critical in order to ensure the safety of children in K-12 Alberta schools.

If not for parent and former educator Theresa Ng (Informed Albertans) this dangerous content would still be available to children in Alberta schools. iSMSS has severely damaged the public trust in schools and Alberta Education must sever all ties with this organisation going forward. Narrowing supports to one-size-fits all clubs – especially when they are being guided by “experts” who have lost the public’s trust – does not create safe schools for children.

Parents: we must be the healthy and loving influence in our children’s schools. Insist on funding for counsellors that support all children in schools, and that the priority be the expansion of supports for at-risk youth, starting with prioritizing family communication and cohesion.

Important Steps You Can Take
  1. Know your rights and fight for them. Read Protecting Children, Protecting Families: The legal rights of parents to be fully informed on all matters regarding their children’s education, published by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.
  2. ‘Parental Consent is Key’ – Please sign the online open letter and demand a regulatory process for the consent and notification of parents in school when sensitive materials and counselling are offered to your children.
  3.  PARENT REQUEST FOR NOTIFICATION – Print and deliver to your child’s school.
  4.  PETITION Sign the petition which asks one simple question related to the secrecy surrounding Alberta’s curriculum re-write:

To the Minister of Education David Eggen:

Will you assure Alberta parents and taxpayers that iSMSS, along with any associated staff and Directors, are no longer involved in any capacity with the K-12 curriculum re-write or the provision of resources, research or teacher training that is being funded by the Alberta government?

5. Read the important work of  Theresa Ng, author of Informed Albertans.

6. DONATE – In the absence of responsible media willing to spread this important story, we need to be our own clarion call. Please donate to allow PCE to purchase advertising space on billboards, radio and TV to inform parents of the risks their children face in Alberta schools through current policies, legislation and resources.


Our Purpose and Mission

Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) is an Alberta-based, non-profit advocacy organization that believes in excellence in education through maximum parental choice.

PCE strongly supports a high-quality public education system in Alberta.  We also believe that parents should have the ability to pursue an alternative method of education for their children if their local public school does not meet their needs or desires.  These alternatives can include publicly funded alternative programs, Catholic schools, private schools, virtual schools, charter schools or home schooling.  Sometimes parents just want the freedom to enrol their child at a public school outside of their local neighbourhood.  We believe that parents are the experts of their own children, and that they should be free to choose the method of schooling that best meets the needs of their families.

Children don’t come one-size-fits-all.  Education shouldn’t either.