Bill 10 and Alberta Education Guidelines Petition-Closed

We will be introducing a new, more broad sweeping petition or document in the Fall of 2016 in response to recent news in education in Alberta.

This news includes a planned six year curriculum revamp, which will include a rewrite of sex education and CALM curriculum, as well as the withholding of the proclamation of the Education Act, which passed in 2012. The Education Act will be undergoing amendments in order to ensure it is in compliance with recent legislative changes.

It is clear to Parents for Choice in Education that the passage of Bill 10 led to the Guidelines for Best Practices, which is now leading to ever more concerning changes in education curriculum and student counselling going forward.

PCE has met with Minister Eggen and have been contacted to plan a follow up meeting. We hope to have continued communication and consultation with Education Minister Eggen to ensure parental rights are upheld going forward.

Keep an eye out in September, as we will publish a new petition/document that will be based on recent changes on the education landscape in Alberta. It will be more broad reaching and  put pressure on the Government of Alberta to protect Alberta Children, by upholding parental rights.

We want to thank all of the citizens of Alberta who gathered signatures for this petition, we have crossed over 20,000 signatures and are still counting. We are closing the petition as of July 1, 2016, and preparing the document for submission in the Legislature when it sits in fall 2016. Please send any final petition signatures, and gather no more after July 1, 2016.

The best way to provide a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment in schools is through active parental involvement and participation. A law and education guidelines that expressly and deliberately excludes parents from having a say as to what clubs and activities will take place at the schools attended by their children, and does not inform parents of their children’s involvement in such clubs, is contrary to achieving this goal. It should be the decision of parents (not politicians, bureaucrats, special interest groups, or political activists) as to the format of clubs and activities that are developed at the school attended by their children. A child’s greatest allies are his or her parents, and it is essential parents are informed of the struggles their children are facing with regards to their sexual identity, so parents can support their children going forward.

Parents for Choice in Education sponsored a Peaceful Rally to Protect Alberta Children by upholding parental rights on May 14 2016, at both the Calgary McDougall Centre and the Edmonton Legislature. It was a great success! Thousands came out to make their voices heard!

We want to send a special thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who made this rally possible in both cities! If you wish to be a part of the work PCE engages in please sign up to volunteer with us here: Volunteer Form

Parents for Choice in Education has decided to make the rally a yearly event. The tentative date for the next Peaceful Rally to Protect Alberta Children is May 13, 2017!

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Contact your Federal Member of Parliament as this issue is now federal with the introduction of Legislation at the Federal level by the Candian Liberal Party of Canada. Contact  your MP today. For more go HERE

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