Executive Director

donna-b-and-wDonna Trimble is a passionate advocate for parental autonomy, and ensuring that parental choice in education is protected and expanded.  As a stay-at-home mother, her knowledge and commitment have grown as she has guided her own children through their individual educational journeys in Catholic and public schools.  All three of Donna’s children have also, at one time or another, homeschooled-traditionally, blended and online.  Innovative Career and Technology options have been available to the elder two sons in their senior years, with the eldest graduating with his first year Pre-Apprenticeship Welder in 2014.  Donna has a deep understanding of the choices available to parents and children in Alberta, the curriculum used for schooled and home-schooled children – its benefits and pitfalls, and an understanding  of the wonderfully wide variety of educational options available in Alberta: charter, private, alternative, public, and homeschool to name a few.  However, in recent years the heavy-handed Alberta government experimentation of core curriculum, the inequitable distribution of school funding, and the coercion of school communities by Legislation like Bill 10, Bill 7 and the Education Guidelines for Best Practices has diminished the quality of education for students, and slowly eroded parental choice from the inside out.   Parents are rising up across Alberta and calling out for the return of their autonomy.  It is the Parents for Choice in Education mandate, and Donna Trimble’s intention, to stand alongside parents and help reverse this trend going forward.