Steps To Take Action

To Protect Alberta Children:

  1. Become informed.  Read Alberta Education’s Guidelines for Best Practices for yourself. Read Bill 10 . Read Bill 7.  Access the wealth of resources on our website that describe how changes in legislation, school district policies and curriculum may affect your child.
  2. Call your MLA to discuss your concerns. Request that they push for a protocol to be written into all education legislation that requires the notification of parents when children are counselled or attend a club for the purpose of group support and counselling. State that parental consent must be given by parents prior to any curricular or extra curricular activities that discusses sex, sexuality, or gender studies.
  3. Email your MLA. Write your own personal message, or send materials produced by groups like Parents for Choice in Education which explain why the Guidelines and Bill 10 are harmful to children. Offer your MLA materials to read produced by Parents for Choice in Education and other groups, especially if you feel that you yourself cannot articulate your concerns as well as you might like.
  4. When emailing your MLA, copy the email to the Minister of Education David Eggen, the NDP leader Rachel Notley and the Official Opposition education critic Mark Smith and Official Opposition Wildrose Leader Brian Jean.
  5. Request a meeting with your MLA to discuss your concerns about the Guidelines and Bill 10. If possible, go with a friend or family member (even is she/he does not live in the same electoral district as you).  If you are truly not able to make time to meet with your MLA, then as a minimum be sure to phone.
  6. Contact your School Board Trustee: Catholic or Public.  Share with her/him the same concerns, and the same materials, that you share with your MLA.  Request a meeting with your school board trustee, or, as a minimum, phone and email her/him.
  7. If you feel your school board is ignoring your concerns and initiating policy that will not allow you to be engaged and active in your child’s care and education consider engaging in a School Board Public Meeting Petition.
  8. Mobilize your network to take all of these steps; ask your friends and family members to do what you are doing (or have done). For example: phone, email, Facebook, or tweet, and tell them: “I just called/emailed my MLA to say “NO” to removing parental rights in my child’s education”. Ask your associates to do the same. Lead them to our site at so they can become better informed of the dangers facing Alberta children in schools today.
  9. Sign the Parental Consent is Key campaign, sign up to volunteer with Parents for Choice in Education.
  10. Donate and help us spread the message that parents must be respected as the primary educators and caregivers for their children!

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