Happy New Year to all of you: PCE Grassroots Supporters!

Happy New Year to all of you in our grassroots, who are the foundation of Parents for Choice in Education’s strength, and the reason for our purpose. The battles we face in Alberta are great, as we fight… Read More

Catch up on PCE News : ATA Detrimental to Education Choice

ATA Influence on AB Government detrimental to Education Choice in AB  PCE knows that many teachers are doing their best to help students and many work tirelessly to improve the lives of our kids. But good teachers also know… Read More

The NDP Needs to Distance Itself from the ATA-Calgary/Edmonton Sun Column

Donna Trimble, Executive Director for Parents for Choice in Education has had a guest column published in the Calgary Sun and the Edmonton Sun on December 16, 2016, calling out the detrimental influence of the ATA on the… Read More

AB Teachers’ Union Labels Concerned Citizens as ‘Fearmongers’

The Alberta Teachers’ Association has described Alberta citizens as ‘fearmongers’ in a recent ATA News cartoon. On November 7, 2016 Donna Trimble, Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) Executive Director, penned an article on the parentchoice.ca website expressing deep… Read More

Progressive Conservative Candidate Education Survey

As many of you are aware, Alberta’s Progressive Conservative (PC) party will be selecting a new leader at a convention on March 18th, 2017. There are four candidates who are currently campaigning in the PC leadership race. Parents… Read More

Catch up on PCE News!

Catch up on what you may have missed at Parents for Choice in Education We are close to crossing 3000 open letters sent by Alberta citizens to Minister Eggen and others in the Alberta Government through the ‘Parental… Read More

Bill 28 – Student Immunization Record Enforcement

  Update Dec.14, 2016: Bill 28-Public Health Amendment Act received Royal Assent outside of house sitting and came into force on Nov.9, 2016, with exceptions, on Nov. 9, 2016. PCE never received any response to questions asked below,… Read More

A Panel for the Protection of Home Schooling in Alberta

Parents for Choice in Education Executive Director, Donna Trimble,  was honoured to be invited to speak at the Panel for the Protection of Home Schooling and thank Leslie Grey and Julie Moore for sponsoring and planning this important event…. Read More

An Event for the Protection of Home Education in Alberta

This is not a PCE sponsored event, but PCE has been invited to speak at this meeting. We encourage all homeschooling parents to attend this meeting and invite other home school families as well.

PCE Opposes Polarizing ATA Prism Toolkit-Let us give you a voice

The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), a union body that is supposed to support and represent all teachers across our pluralistic, multicultural province, has released a polarizing document for use in Alberta schools called the PRISM Toolkit Secondary Edition for grades… Read More