No Zero?

At the end of last week, Edmonton public school teacher Lynden Dorval was fired for insisting on giving students a mark of 0 when they fail to complete required work. Lynden’s case has been extremely controversial, as many… Read More

Lawsuit Filed in Ontario over Parental Authority

A Hamilton-area father has announced that he is suing the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board over their decision to prevent him from pulling his children out of lessons which conflict with their family’s values. The full story is available… Read More

A Case for Classical Education

An article in ‘First Things’ caught my eye this morning, about how so-called ‘Classical Education’ is becoming increasingly popular. Classical education is a different pedagogic approach – it emphasizes a different set of skill as being important in… Read More

Teacher Contract Negotiations Ongoing

Contract negotiations are ongoing between the provincial government, school boards, and the Alberta Teacher’s Association. Teacher compensation is not a central focus of our organization, but plays an important role in the stability of Alberta’s education system. The… Read More

MLAs Are Listening, Keep Calling

Congratulations to all of you who have been calling your MLAs, the education minister, and other politicians about the new education act, which we expect will be introduced this fall. MLAs have advised us that they are hearing… Read More

Reminder – Call Your MLA Today

Alberta’s government caucus will be discussing the content of the new education act TOMORROW. We expect that the act will be introduced this fall. This act will touch on many different kinds of issues that are important to… Read More

Moving Documentary about School Choice in the US

A few years ago, I had a chance to see a 30 minute documentary called Let Me Rise about a program called the DC Opportunity Scholarship in the US. It is a moving film, about how a school… Read More

Deputy Premier Grilled on Home Schooling

Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk recently met with community leaders in Taber, who expressed concern about how a new education act could negatively affect home schoolers. Lukaszuk claims that the current legislation has ‘loopholes’ which allow people to “use… Read More

Action Alert

Parents for Choice in Education has learned that Alberta’s Progressive Conservative government is planning to introduce a new education act this fall, and the contents of that act will be discussed at a meeting of government MLAs on… Read More